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Multi-line 2 GC-1F Application Software series 1.x.

This software applies to the following DEIF products:

You’re about to download 1.24.5

The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:

This software applies to the following DEIF products:

  • GC-1F v.1.xx
  • EIC: Modbus readings and displaying of a few EIC data: Coolant temperature, Fuel temperature and Charge Air Temperature where presented with different number of decimals depending on the engine protocol selected. This has now been aligned so data is presented in the same manner independent of engine protocol selected.
  • IC: FMI texts updated to meet J1939 specification.

Ver. Date Description



  • Phase sequence detection updated



This software applies to the following DEIF products:

  • GC-1F v.1.xx
  • EIC: Modbus readings and displaying of a few EIC data: Coolant temperature, Fuel temperature and Charge Air Temperature where presented with different number of decimals depending on the engine protocol selected. This has now been aligned so data is presented in the same manner independent of engine protocol selected.
  • IC: FMI texts updated to meet J1939 specification.



  • Solved problem: Breaker feedback alarm, without the specified delay
  • USW MB Close Alarm text changed



  • Shutdown override inhibit flag respected, so only alarms with failclass shutdown and no inhibit, stops the engine during a shutdown override period.
  • EIC: Transmit rate of speed telegrams (FF46 and TSC1) to VolvoPenta EMS2 increased from 40ms interval to 20ms interval.
  • MB close fail alarm activation improved, so no alarm occurs after connecting USW and OK close of MB is performed.



  • During AMF and AUTO, and no breakers and no feedbacks configured, the generator now stops after a mains failure returns to mains OK.
  • Digital input configured as Idle speed selection now working, when unit is in AUTO operation mode.



  • Channel number added and Header info removed from alarm text via GSM.
  • kWh counter reset was remembered to next power cycle and made an extra unwanted reset of the kWh counter.



  • Auto alarm acknowledge available on several parameters.
  • External running feedback missing alarm added.
  • New entries in event log for test sequence start and power up.
  • Inhibit functionality added to several parameters.
  • Enable/disable functionality added to several parameters.
  • VDO fuel user defined curve display readout range changed to follow the two most extreme points.
  • Multi inputs in mA (or configured unit) display range increased from ±10000 to ±32000.
  • Cut off level for AC voltage measurements improved.
  • Extended timer range for Stop failure alarm.
  • New measurements available ADEC protocol.
  • Improved support of preheat for Volvo Penta EMS 2.
  • Improved support of IVECO engine status.



  • Status of the four programmable LED's at the front is available in modbus alarm/status table.
  • Start Island test command added in M-Logic.
  • Start AMF test command added in M-Logic.
  • Factory setting and range extended for Island test timer.
  • Factory setting and range extended for AMF test timer.
  • Error code implemented for handling download of translations if generator is running.
  • Improved view of AC measurements in 'single phase' mode



  • Generator overload alarm flags available via modbus.
  • Cut off voltage raised.
  • VP EMS2 running feedback changed to RPM.



  • AMF testfunction updated.



  • Service timer days and hours available via modbus.
  • Improved handling of views.
  • Running indication from generator improved.
  • AMF handling updated.



  • Automatic configuration of EIC views available from display.
  • Binary alarm handling via multi inputs improved during wire break detection.
  • GB and MB relays always configurable as alarm/limit relays for M-logic.
  • Extended set point range for High Battery alarm.
  • Extended set point range for Low Battery alarms.
  • Extended set point range for Mains fail Voltage low alarm.
  • Extended timer range for Low fuel level alarm.
  • Extended hours range for Service timers.
  • Extended range for all water temperature alarms.
  • Sleep mode minimum timer changed to prevent constant OFF.
  • Improved mode handling via USW command panel.
  • Extended range for Running time counter.
  • Extended range for GB operation counter.
  • Extended range for MB operation counter.
  • Avoid overrun of Running time counter.
  • Avoid overrun of GB operation counter.
  • Avoid overrun of MB operation counter.



  • Improved GB handling via USW command window and Modbus.
  • Priority of additional alarm indication LED colors changed
  • New generic J1939 protocol
  • Support of IVECO Vector engines.
  • Automatic configuration of EIC views
  • General support of J1939 TSC1 speed control
  • Optional selection of EIC controls enable/disable
  • New measurements available for J1939 and ADEC protocols.
  • Improved support of droop control trough EIC



  • Unit name made configurable via translations.
  • Improved views for long texts.
  • Improved handling of option H2.
  • Spanish language supported.



  • Improvement of parameter storage.



  • It’s now possible to change mode at all times
  • Correction of view of KWP2000
  • Correction of ADEC measures



  • Improved GB and MB handling in ISLAND, AMF and LTO.
  • Improved EIC handling.
  • Improved password security.
  • Improved VDO data handling.
  • Improved frequency measurement in single phase mode.
  • Improved Access lock.
  • Improved shutdown override handling.



  • Improved handling of CAN bus speed control
  • Improved handling of password levels



  • Month adjusment through display updated.
  • USW command panel updated.



  • External IO modules added.
  • Engine communication improved.
  • Translatable display texts added.
  • Configurable display views added.
  • New alarms added (overload, voltage and frequency).
  • USW connection speed improved (115 kBit/s).
  • Improved Chinese characters.
  • Improved Russian characters.
  • M-Logic updated with new events, alarms and outputs.
  • 8 command timers added.
  • LTO mode added.
  • Timers added for all status popups.
  • Phase sequence detection improved.
  • RPM measurements improved.
  • New inhibits added.
  • Firepump improved.
  • New engineering units added.
  • Various timers updated.
  • Logging of firepump added.



  • Start sequence updated.



  • Mini AOP LEDs updated.
  • Multiinput binary wirebreak updated.



  • ADEC engine protocol added
  • Low power supply level 2 alarm added
  • "Rem. emergency stop" text added for digital inputs
  • Ack. buzzer added to M-Logic
  • EMS2 initialization updated
  • Commands (stop) from USW updated.
  • Limit relay function updated.
  • Storage of external comm speed (H2) updated.



  • Voltage level for phase sequence detection adjusted.



  • Diode compensation function added
  • MTU MDEC 302 + 303 updated
  • Translations (chinese and cyrillic) updated
  • Idle speed updated.
  • Temperature controlled cooldown updated



  • Log extended to support 150 logs
  • Logging of all alarms, mains failure, start and stop of genset.
  • GB and MB relays can freely be configured as the other outputs.
  • Volvo Penta EMS2
  • Start attempts set to 1 gave no start failure (fixed in this release).



  • Correction in M-Logic
  • Correction in test functions 



  • Phase sequence failure added
  • Busbar voltage unbalance alarm added
  • Mains failure voltage unbalance added



  • First version.

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Press release, June 2015

Information on product improvement specifically related to “older” DEIF A/S ML-2 products.