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Rudder indicator - Description

TRI-2 is a rudder indication and is applied for the indication of the rudder position on the bridge. The indicator consists of a robust moving coil system equipped with 3 pointers mounted on a common shaft. The rudder indicator is suitable if you require analogue input. For CAN input, please refer to the TRI-2 with CAN interface.

With its large scales, the TRI-2 ensures a quick and easy reading of the rudder position from any angle up to 250° and from a distance of up to 5 meters from the indicator.  The rudder indicator, TRI-2, is housed in a matt black case for ceiling suspension.



  • Analogue input


  • CAN-based input

Rudder indicator - Features

The rudder indicator from DEIF has a long list of features:

  • Analogue input 
  • 3 extra large, easy-to-read scales
  • Readable from up to 5 meters
  • Black or white scales
  • Long-life LED illumination
  • Built-in dimmer
  • Analogue interface or CAN
General Software


Data Sheet
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng TRI-2 data sheet 4921250066 UK D
Quick Start Guide
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Flag eng TRI-2 quick guide 4189350042 UK.pdf C
User's Manual
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Flag eng TRI-2 user's manual 4189350053 UK C

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