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Rudder system

Rudder angle solutions for all ship types. A frontrunner in marine bridge instrumentation for decades, DEIF offers a full range of rudder angle indication systems covering both 4-20mA current loop system, +/-10V systems, and CAN systems.


Illuminated indicator display series with three different sizes as dual- or multi-indicator. The displays have a preinstalled standard indicator library and are ready for navigation system integration via NMEA interface and two CAN ports, supporting CANopen with the unique XDi-net plug and play layered on top. 


Open bridge wing 


Illuminated bridge wing indicators for outdoor mounting, IP 66 protected. Available with a wide range of recommended standard scale designs, including scale designs for rpm, pitch, rudder, rate-of-turn and azimuth.


Bridge overhead


Applied for the indication of the rudder position on the bridge reading from angles up to 250 °. 

Rudder angle transmitter


MED-approved rudder/azimuth angle transmitters convert the rudder or azimuth thruster’s position angles into either electrical 4-20 mA current signals or digital data values.

XDI performance types

XDi series – introduction


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