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Basic control package for mobile generators

DEIF offers you a complete control package providing you with safe, reliable control and overview of your generator fleet. The solution is ideal for short-term rentals as it is easy and quick to install and supports almost all mobile generator types and load conditions. All components included have been tested and stand even the harshest environment. The control package comprises the AGC 150 generator controller, the digital automatic voltage regulator DVC 310, a battery charger, the high-quality Omron power supply that contributes to stable and reliable operation. The package also comprises the remote monitoring service Insight which enables you to supervise your equipment from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or laptop no matter where in the world it is deployed. 

If you are looking for a solution for more complex and industrialised setups, we suggest you check the advanced control package.

AGC 150





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Designer's Handbook
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Modbus tables
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Mounting Instructions
Other Technical Documentation
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Quick Start Guide
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