DEIF’s RMC-142D stator earth fault relay protects genset operators against electric shock in case of earth faults in the generator’s stator.

The relay also protects against loss of excitation in case of earth fault in the stator.

The RMC-142D is part of DEIF’s complete range of relays for protection and control of generators featuring a number of adjustable parameters.



  • Short circuit
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %. <50 mS response time


  • Short circuit
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %. 2 sets of contacts (parallel)


  • Short circuit and over-current
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %, I>: 50 to 150 %
  • Combined functionality


  • Differential current
  • I>>: 100 to 400 %. 2 sets of contacts (parallel).
  • Earth fault protection at two levels
  • Built-in filter for 3rd harmonic
  • LED indication of fault condition
  • Timer-controlled tripping
  • LED indication for activated relay
  • 35 mm DIN rail or base mountin


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