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The size of a portable hard drive, the MTR-3 transducers are slight in size but each one offers equal performance of up to four standard transducers, measuring and calculating AC voltage, AC current, active/reactive/ apparent power, power factor, frequency, kWh, kvar, THD, dynamic and maximum demands.

The range has a standard response time of less than 200 ms, with the MTR-3F offering ultra-fast response at just ≤50 ms. Modbus data refresh time is also just 50 ms with transfer data up to 115,200 bit/s. The accuracy class is 0.5 for analogue data and 0.3 for Modbus data. With configurable outputs for more than 50 parameters and a universal power supply (19-300 V DC, 40-276 V AC), it is possible to stock DEIF’s transducers with future installations and reconfiguration for almost any application in view.

DEIF’s MTR-3 is a cost-effective, compact and powerful solution for transducer applications. Developed for measuring single-phase and 3-phase network topologies, measurement data are available through RS-485 Modbus communication. Simply connect a USB 2.0 interface for fast and easy configuration of up to four analogue outputs

Type Item number
MTR-3-015 1200510001
MTR-3F-215 1200510002
MTR-3-315 1200210003
MTR-3-415 1200510004
MTR-3 2RO 1200510017
MTR-3F-315 1200510006
MTR-3F-415 1200510007
MTR-3-015 tropical coated 1200510005
  • Suitable for all 1- and 3-phase network topologies
  • Up to 1000 VL-L AC input
  • Accuracy class: 0.5 or 0.3
  • Up to 4 analogue outputs
  • Fast response time, down to ≤ 50 ms
  • Measures more than 50 parameters
  • RS-485 serial Modbus communication
  • Fully configurable by USB, no aux. supply required
  • Universal power supply of 19 to 300 V DC/40 to 276 V AC

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