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The MDR-2 is a state-of-the-art combined differential protection and short-circuit protection relay for generator protection against internal short circuits (leaking currents).

Even in cases of fail tripping, the MDR-2 offers an adjustable tripping characteristic function that compensates for unbalanced current measurements, avoiding fail trippings altogether.

The MDR-2 gives you direct access to all settiangs and a chronological log of up to 150 historical events/alarms. The unit’s integrated LCD screen displays all measured and calculated values, eliminating the need for additional meters or wiring, and facilitates fault-finding in connection with commissioning identifying fault locations.

Available options include a block (generator + step-up transformer) protection option and a short-circuit and over-current protection option.

  • Short response time (70 ms)
  • 3-phase current detection on both generator sides
  • Active adjustment of non-balanced current measurements
  • Measuring accuracy 1 %
  • Display indicator for all measurements
  • DIN rail or base mounting with remote mountable display


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