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Using switch mode technology to ensure an extremely low ripple, the DCP2 is a safe choice both as a battery charger and/or a DC power supply. The DCP2 is available with 24 V voltage and 20 or 40 A current output.

Furthermore, high efficiency, protections and low weight are key words in most applications.



  • Outputs: 24 V DC, 20 A, 480 W
  • Aux. supplies: 115/230 V AC or 3 × 400 V AC


  • Outputs: 24 V DC, 40 A, 960 W
  • Aux. supplies: 3 × 400 V AC
  • Automatic and electronic protection features
  • Automatic restart after fault conditions
  • Automatic output power derating for high ambient temperatures
  • Green LED indication for aux. power connected
  • Current output up to 40 A
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • No moving parts – no maintenance
  • DIN rail-mounted

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