Interface and Fieldbus Modules

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The IFM5∙2 is an industrial grade Ethernet switch with extreme robustness and operation temperature range.

The IFM5∙2 can serve as a media converter module, securing galvanic isolation of networks in the wind turbine and to
external networks.

IFM5∙2 offers an advanced, yet simple to use, ring-protection feature which is much faster and more reliable than normally used network equipment in wind turbines and other industrial systems.

The technology behind this feature is the ERPS standard, which is normally used in high-end back-bone switches at professional network operators/providers.

This means that in case of for example cable breaks, the recovery time is much faster than "‘standard ring-switches".

The IFM5∙2 has full support for Virtual LAN configuration (VLAN) in accordance with IEEE 802.1Q and is fully configurable from the application running on the processor module (PCM5∙x).

It furthermore supports Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE), ensuring full distributed integration of the modules, allowing Ethernet to be available at any position in the wind turbine without additional fibre connections.

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