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Designed specifically to serve as a reliable, fully integrated and optimising link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s automatic sustainable controller, ASC-4 Battery, offers seamless energy storage integration in hybrid microgrid applications.

AC- or DC-coupled

ASC-4 Battery is ideal for both AC- and DC-coupled applications. For AC-coupled systems, you can define battery charging and discharging scheme. Using the chargeScheme, you’ll also be able to define the energy sources (gensets, PV or Mains) you allow for charging purposes.

Energy or power source

The ASC-4 Battery handles applications that use battery power as the primary power source (instead of gensets) as well as applications that use battery power for short-term support (for instance to support gensets for a short period of time) equally well.

Energy source: The battery is intended to supply a load being the only source connected to the AC bus. Generating capacity will be subtracted the spinning reserve requirement for the diesel genset plant. This may result in all gensets stopping depending on load demand.

When the state of charge falls below the predefined power source threshold, the ASC will automatically switch into power source operation and startup the required number of gensets.Once the state of charge is above the energy source threshold, the ASC will return to energy source operation.

Power source: The battery is not intended to supply a load being the only source connected to the AC bus. Power source is used to take peak loads until genset start and improving power quality. The power reference is zero per default.

The reference will be set equal to the excessive loading only if the gensets are overloaded. The generating capacity will be subtracted any spinning reserve requested from PV, suppressing excessive diesel gensets on the busbar.


Type Item number
ASC-4 Battery 2912410250
  • Automatic shift between grid forming/following operation
  • Charging/discharging
  • Power Conversion System (PCS) control
  • Batter Management System (BMS) monitoring
  • Control of breaker
  • Simple graphical configuration
  • Record time commissioning with DEIF Emulation
    - uses and verifies the functions of the real system for test, production and design
  • Suitable for power management solutions fitted with AGC-4 or AGC 200 genset controllers
  • Suitable for stand-alone solutions using multi-instruments such as DEIF’s MIB or MIC 

Hybrid Solutions

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