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With eight digital alarm inputs, three relay outputs and many flexible features, the AL8-2 alarm panel is suitable for alarm monitoring at industrial and marine plants.

Alarm inputs: the alarm panel is provided with eight alarm inputs to facilitate external mechanical alarm contact connections. The inputs are individually programmable for N/O or N/C alarm contacts.

Time delay: the alarm inputs are individually programmable with a time delay to allow alarm condition registration at pre-set times within the 0.40 s range in steps of 1 s.

Alarm indicators: the AL8-2 is equipped with eight LEDs marked 1 to 8 for precise indication of alarm conditions for the individual alarm inputs. When an alarm condition occurs, the LED for the relevant input channel will flash with a red light. If more than one alarm occurs before the push-button “LAMP RESET” is activated, the first alarm LED will flash ahead of the others.

Alarm outputs: the alarm panel is provided with three relay outputs, one of which is used for connection to an audible/visual alarm. 

The remaining two relay outputs are individually programmable by the user to follow certain alarm inputs.

  • Compact Q96 design
  • Extremely easy push-button programming 
  • Individual programming of each input: N/O or N/C, time delay, alarm inhibit, output and cable supervision
  • Up to five units in master/slave configuration
  • Clear identification of first alarm received in case of successive alarms
  • Approved by classification societies

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