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DEIF's robust double frequency meters are highly accurate and compact. Offering linear read-outs, they provide visual indication of frequency for manual synchronisation of generators to net (busbar).



  • Reed vibrating pointers.
  • 45 to 65 Hz, 100 to 440 V AC.


  • Standard pointers, diagonal. 
  • 45 to 65 Hz, 150 to 600 V AC.


Type Item number
2FQ96X 2918410920
2FTQ96X 2918460920
2FTQ144X 2918461420
  • Standard pointers, diagonal. 45 to 65 Hz, 150 to 600 V AC. 
  • Robust and thoroughly tested construction
  • Available in Q96 DIN size design
  • High accuracy and linear read-out
  • High immunity to 3rd harmonics

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