DEIF partners with LAVLE for Next Generation Marine Power Management

DEIF A/S is pleased to announce a partnership with LAVLE USA Inc. to work on a state-of-the-art power management solution for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for the marine market. LAVLE and DEIF will develop a hybrid controller based on DEIF’s Multi-line 300 platform and LAVLE’s Proteus ESS. The partnership will include collaboration on power management functions such as Load Dependent Start/Stop, ESS peak shave, 100% electric operations, support for heavy consumers, spinning reserve, and redundant control solutions.

Through this partnership, DEIF and LAVLE will advance safer, more reliable, and more sustainable options for marine vessel electrification. With a focus on green, safe, and reliable power products, DEIF is dedicated to producing the most advanced power management solutions for marine and land power systems. DEIF is focused on bringing hybrid control solutions for energy storage to all our markets. LAVLE brings to this partnership its advanced energy storage products including the Proteus ESS, which sets new industry standards for safety, quality, and cost-effective energy storage solutions.

“DEIF has great knowledge and experience with Power Management Systems for land and marine power applications,” said Eric Galles, Product Manager, Energy Storage Solutions for LAVLE. “Partnering with DEIF to combine our ESS (Proteus) with DEIF’s Multi-line 300 Hybrid controller will give us unparalleled integration into DEIF’s power management system. This will give our ESS the functionality and flexibility required to perform at the top of the market.”

“We are delighted to announce that DEIF has entered a partnership with LAVLE USA Inc. on developing a state-of-the-art power management solution for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for the marine market. The partnership will include collaboration on energy-efficient power management functions, and we look forward to exploiting the potential that a strong partnership like the one with LAVLE USA Inc. presents,” said Per Ole Sørensen, Global Key Account and Owner Manager for DEIF A/S.


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