Release the full potential of your AGC-4

Hands-on training in Skive, Denmark

With the rapid advances in generator control and the increasingly sophisticated communication between the engines themselves, it has become more necessary than ever for both service personnel and designers to receive hands-on training. Without the correct training, you run the risk of not fully utilising the features offered in your generator controllers.

Why not join everyone else and learn how to release the untapped potential of your AGC controller from DEIF on 5-6 March for service training where you will learn how to fully utilise their AGC controller. Release the untapped potential of your generator controller – sign up NOW!

Date and venue: 5-6 March, 21-22 March, 24-26 September 2019 (service level) in Skive, Denmark


Service technician level

The service technician level is primarily focused on enabling you to commission and troubleshoot genset operations. This includes learning how to use the different configuration inputs, modes of operation and how to change protection settings. In addition, you will learn how to use the controller and obtain in-depth knowledge of the functionalities it offers, including utility software connectivity troubleshooting capability, parameter settings and tuning of PIDs, synchronisation and much, much more. Hands-on tasks included during the day.