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4-6 December

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Booth no. 3673 Orlando, USA


DEIF will be at this year’s Power-Gen Show, presenting cutting-edge solutions in power control and instrumentation technology. Drop by to see how we can help you improve efficiency and save power, taking your switchboard application to the next level! We call it POWER EFFICIENCY.

At the Power-Gen International DEIF will present hybrid power solutions, critical power control, the Multi-line 300, and rental solutions.

Hybrid power solutions

With our AGC-4 and ASC-4 multi-master controllers and AGI-421 advanced graphical interface units, you can combine grid power and gensets with sustainable power sources such as cutting emissions while ensuring 100% reliability. Get full hybrid power system control with user-friendly set-up, emulation, remote monitoring, control, and analytics features

Critical Power Control

When getting full backup power online fast is critically important, DEIF delivers. Our critical power solutions enable you to get backup power in 10 seconds with features such as Close Before Excitation. With our patent pending emulation feature and a wide selection of visualizations, system diagnostics, and dashboards, you get full control of your critical power solution.

Multi-line 300

Get green, safe, and reliable performance with our game-changing range of advanced controller solutions. The versatile, modular Multi-line 300 handles everything from stand-alone engine control to complex power management systems. Highlights include redundant high-speed communication and a built-in emulation feature that lets you simulate alternative setups and optimize your application

Rental solutions

Genset rental solutions need to be easy to work with, and DEIF just upped the ante. We offer safe and simple onsite setup that anyone can carry out; with our EasyConnect feature, it’s as simple as pushing a button. Our flexible controller range covers all rental applications, and our drying mode protects your equipment by removing humidity in genset windings.