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28-30 November

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Booth no. 3615 New Orleans, USA


Meet DEIF at the 2018 International Workboat Show in New Orleans, USA. DEIF will present the Multi-line 300, XDI, and WSS.

Multi-line 300

Get green, safe, and reliable performance with our game-changing range of advanced controller solutions. The versatile, modular Multi-line 300 handles everything from stand-alone engine control to complex power management systems. Highlights include redundant high-speed communication and a built-in emulation feature that lets you simulate alternative setups and optimize your application


Our space-saving illuminated XDi bridge instrumentation series gives you greater choice and flexibility. It replaces mechanical scales and pointers, taking indicator performance to a new level while maintaining relevant approvals. Available with dual- or multi-indicator display libraries, the XDi series can be ordered with a DEIF standard indicator library, or you can customize your own. 


Our wind measuring and alarm solutions are built for integration. Combine the WSS 750 or WSS 550 wind sensor with one or more XDi-N wind indicators to form the wind measuring system you need. The XDi-N series comes with a flexible NMEA interface and two CAN ports, supporting CANopen with the unique XDi-net plug and play layered on top.