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Multi-master control systems in critical power

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PLC solutions can be expensive, and they are vulnerable to controller failure, but is there a good alternative to using them in critical power management?

Yes, there is, and you can read more about it in a free DEIF whitepaper now available for download.

A multi-master control system delivers several benefits over a PLC solution in critical power applications: financial savings, easier system design and maintenance, but most importantly unbeatable reliability that guarantees reliable power in applications where blackouts are simply not an option. Examples include mission-critical facilities and businesses such as life safety, medical, industrial process control, data centres, telecommunications, and television and radio broadcast systems.

Multi-master control systems enable controller redundancy with one controller per power source and breaker in the power system. In case the master controller fails, the master role is automatically transferred to another controller. The result: no power or control interruptions. And with the Close Before Excitation (CBE) feature included in the AGC-4 controller from DEIF, full backup power is available in a matter of seconds; an important consideration in hospitals and data centres, for example. In short, multi-master control systems deliver great reliability benefits.

By selecting a flexible hardware platform with a common software architecture, you will be able to design a simple and efficient critical power control system that manages both the power side and load side. Intelligent controllers such as the AGC-4 come with a wide selection of other features that simplify system design, installation, operation, maintenance, and repair. For example, the emulation feature in the AGC-4 allows system designers to carry out a virtual test of the system design before implementing it, saving a lot of time and test runs.

Get the full details in DEIF's latest whitepaper Multi-Master Power Management Systems here.