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Wind measuring at sea has changed

The new XDi-N comes with a preinstalled standard wind indicator library containing a selection of virtual wind indicators to choose from. Available in three different physical sizes, the wind indicator series works perfectly with all of DEIF’s ultrasonic wind sensors, the WSS series. 

Simply combine either the high performance WSS 750 wind sensor or the new standard WSS 500 series with one or more of the XDi-N wind indicators to form the exact wind measuring system you need. 

Developed with system integration in mind, the XDi-N series comes with flexible NMEA interface and two CAN ports, supporting CANopen with the unique XDi-net plug and play layered on top. Using a modular interface extension concept, extension modules can be added to indicators. 



Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or see our detailed product presentations and technical documentation. 

Wind measuring at sea has changed

Combining DEIF’s wind indicators & wind sensors gives you precisely the solution you need.

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