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12 - 15 Sept. 2017

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Hall 3, stand 3B20E Germany

Visit DEIF Wind Power Technology at HUSUM Wind 12-15 September 2017

Visit DEIF Wind Power Technology at HUSUM Wind 12-15 September in Hall 3, stand no. 3B20E. Responding to the market demands for optimal energy production, our team of technical experts, product and sales managers welcome you to come by for demonstrations of proven wind turbine retrofit solutions for future pitch and turbine control to unleash the full potential of your wind turbine. We introduce our newest solution, the pitch control retrofit kit to upgrade pitch technology in older turbines. For wind turbines in the MD77 series, we will demonstrate our complete retrofit solution and for Vestas V47 turbines, we demonstrate our controller retrofit solution to be upgraded with or without the VRCC. 

Controller retrofit solution for Vestas V47

For decreasing operational costs, we introduce our proven retrofit solution for Vestas V47 turbines. The solution is developed to give turbine owners full control, access to all turbine data, extended turbine life time beyond year 20 and increased AEP. Take the opportunity to talk to our experts, and get advice upon how you can improve your turbine and the control solution for multi brand turbine assets that gain profit right away. Want a good head start?

Experience a Vestas V47 retrofit situation in virtual reality

Have you ever experienced a retrofit situation? We invite you to come by our booth to try out our newest video to retrofit a Vestas V47 in a virtual reality setting.

See our Vestas V47 video

Complete retrofit solution for wind turbines in the MD77 series

With more than 300 MD77 turbines retrofitted worldwide DEIF has a strong track record that shows a significant increase in availability and up to 4% increase in AEP. For providing access to turbine data and the benefit of a new 5-10 year warranty on your control solution, DEIF demonstrates a complete solution including DEIF’s pitch and turbine controller.

See case story on retrofit MD77

Pitch Control – New design or retrofit?

For new turbine designs and complete retrofit solutions, DEIF’s customised pitch control solutions provide a technology upgrade for old wind turbines with outdated pitch technology. Overall, DEIF’s pitch control solutions secure high reliability on the entire pitch system and increases turbine availability. DEIF’s pitch retrofit solutions are customised for wind turbines from 1.5 to 2.5 MW and with electrical pitch systems. At HUSUM Wind, we demonstrate our newest pitch retrofit kit for easy 1:1 replacement.

Read more about DEIF's new pitch retrofit solution

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