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Patented pitch control technology

Release and trim the sail with advanced pitch controller technology

Release and trim the sail with DEIF's advanced pitch control technology

What does trimming a sail have in common with a pitch controller? Aboard a sail boat when the wind picks up, you have to release and trim the sail to reduce the impact. For the same reason, DEIF's new pitch technology is designed so that the turbine can release the blades, for just a few seconds, during wind gusts and then trim back into position of full control.

DEIF Wind Power Technology ‘s new patented pitch technology is developed for the pitch controller, IMD 100, to reduce loads on the wind turbine, by releasing the large amount of force in extreme high-wind conditions. The new technology to be designed into the pitch system for megawatt turbines, is a cost saving approach to turbine pitch and blade design.

Jacob Danielsen, Product Manager, Pitch Control explains You can easily put a blade into high wind, but if you don’t pitch correctly, you can destroy the turbine. Pitching is finding the right angle of the blade in the right condition. With the correct control and technology, stress and loads to the turbine can be reduced with cost saving technology.”

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