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OEM solutions for engine & genset builders

Did you know that DEIF guarantees immediate and reliable delivery performance for any size and type of assembly line?

Our basic and advanced controller systems make us an ideal partner for OEMs both locally and internationally. All solutions and products have been designed with flexibility and versatility in view, giving genset builders and engine manufacturers a range of options that enable them to meet all types of application requests. These include the following:

Serial production

Operational interface

  • Additional operator panels possible
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Password-protected setup

Reliability and robustness

  • Wide temperature range, operational down to -40 degrees celsius
  • HALT and vibration-tested for environment operation and transport
  • Extended warranties

Check out the new brochure for application and product details along with customer case snapshots.

Engine and Genset OEM application guide

Basic or advanced OEM solutions for engine & genset builders. Immediate delivery for any production line.

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