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Marine & Offshore: Game changer in power control

Did you realise that power technology has already changed? Cutting your costs, increasing your flexibility and simplifying daily operations, DEIF’s new engine and genset control platform – called Multi-line 300 (ML 300) – is a real game changer in the marine and offshore industry!

Standard or engineered power control

The versatile and modular base-mounted controller range is a perfect match for just about any application. Right from stand-alone engine control to complex and engineered power management.

Simple to use, DIY updates & repairs and much more!

Scroll down for a further read on any of the three members of this innovative range: GPU 300, PPU 300 and PPM 300. Offering unprecedented levels of operator control, all three come with complete built-in troubleshooting and fuel-efficient technology. Using advanced processor technology, the units feature redundant high speed internal communication lines capable of handling protection functions at record speeds. Adapting to your application automatically, the quality controller range equals user-friendly operation and supports DEIF’s hallmarks of green, safe and reliable performance. 

The entire range comes with the following standard features:

On-screen information & help

  • Info pop-ups, context-sensitive help & customised user permissions.

DIY installation & repair 

  • Install, repair & upgrade modules on site.

Cost-reducing 100% virtual system test 

  • Design and test your project using DEIF Emulation before actually building your switchboards.

Advanced trouble shooting 

  • Integrated SD card, fault identification, display unit trending and remote access.

Application supervision & control 

  • Single-line overview of your entire system.
  • All feeders shown as simple SCADA.

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    GPU 300

    PPU 300

    PPM 300

    Generator & busbar protection x x x
    Load sharing x x
    Safety system for engine protection x
    Synchronisation x x
    Engine control & protection x x
    Power management x