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Hybrid power at sea

Need hybrid power control onboard your vessel? A well-kept secret to some perhaps, DEIF develops and delivers astonishing simple to advanced solutions for marine hybrid applications as well. These include battery solutions, variable speed solutions and DC-bus solutions

Battery solutions

  • Blackout prevention 
  • Charge/discharge management
  • Pure battery or diesel/battery combined
  • Optimal load on fewer diesel gensets

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Variable speed solutions

  • Variable pitch propellers & main engine speed 
  • Speed compensation for thrust demand
  • Frequency converter reductions
  • Complete system control designs

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DC-bus solutions

  • Variable speed control of gensets 
  • Thruster limitation & reduction
  • Load management – fixed consumers prevent blackouts
  • Close cooperation with renowned inverter manufacturers

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Common to all, they can potentially reduce your fuel and maintenance costs. Reducing fuel consumption also means reduced harmful exhaust emissions.

Developed and delivered by experienced marine technology engineers to your specification and based on a proven product portfolio. Our project engineering department will assign one our more named engineers to your project. Cooperating with you, they will adapt the final system design to fit your requirements. 

Our list of already delivered marine hybrid projects containing a vast range of DEIF equipment is extensive. And we cooperate closely with other suppliers of equipment for marine hybrid solutions.


Marine hybrid power

Interested in battery, variable speed or DC-bus applications? Check out our hybrid power solutions brochure for more.

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