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9-12 May 2017

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Stand No. A03:59 Sweden

Want to see what the future has in store for you? Come and meet DEIF at this year’s Elfack at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg and be a first mover and step into the future with DEIF.

At the show, we’ll reveal how you can improve your power efficiency using our innovative and environmentally friendly control technology. Our retrofitting and new build solutions are ideal for mission-critical facilities such as hospitals and data centres. Check out this video to see how we helped secure reliable backup power for the GlobalConnect data centre in Copenhagen.

Those looking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions using hybrid-powered solutions will also find it interesting news from us at the exhibition.

Protect your assets from power blackouts

A fully redundant control system based on hot standby controllers from DEIF eliminates blackout risks in combined power plant and parallel to grid systems with up to 16 grids, eight bus tie breakers and 16 generator controllers.

On top of the grid, bus tie and generator controls, the DEIF AGC-4 controllers carry out full power management, reducing or even eliminating the need for PLCs. DEIF’s AGC-4-based power management systems also offer the option of having doubled (redundant or Hot Standby) controllers on all positions. In case of failure from a master controller, Hot Standby kicks in immediately, protecting the rest of the system from interference.

Reduce CO2 and costs

Reducing the environmental impact from backup solutions powered purely by diesel can really mean a difference. It also reduces your fuel costs. To that end, DEIF power management solutions are capable of handling hybrid stations combining for instance solar, wind and diesel power. Check out our description of hybrid-powered applications that combine off-grid and grid-tied functionality or see how the Rwandanese Sorwathe Tea Factory reduced carbon emissions by 22,000kg CO2 with DEIF technology.

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Looking forward to hopefully seeing you at DEIF’s stand A03:59, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to book a meeting at, or see our detailed product presentations and technical documentation.

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