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Control your pinch & swipe HMI remotely

DEIF has released its most comprehensive HMI solution to date, the AGI 400. Featuring remote access and control from PCs, tablets and smartphones, the pinch and swipe touch screen connects to all DEIF Multi-line controllers as well as third party devices through standard communication protocols. Converting from DEIF’s AGI 300 is a simple procedure.

The AGI 400 series is intended for visualisation and active control of multiple applications managed on board maritime vessels, platforms, or in land-based applications, where it provides full graphical overviews and user-friendly touch screen control with a quality display that is easily readable even at sharp angles. Monitor or control multiple setups simultaneously, or share data via Ethernet connections, effectively enabling the DEIF HMI to be used as a small SCADA system. AGI 400 supports multiple user levels and LAN clients, ensuring user control in several levels.

In effect, the AGI 400 eliminates the need for other instruments, thus saving you both space and wiring.

Scratch-resistant multi-touch pinch zoom screen

Available in 7”, 10”, 15.6” and 21.5”, the AGI LCD screen is made of scratch- and chemical-resistant surface for maximum durability. For all screen sizes, the capacitive 16/9 glass screens support pinch zoom and swipe user functionality familiar to you from smartphones. In addition, the improved screen and colour resolution widens the viewing angle compared to previous screens.

Remote access via tablets and smartphones

All system setting can be managed over SSL-secured LAN networks using one of three LAN ports with individual MAC addresses (no switch). For wireless access, use either the AGI Client for Windows, AGI WEB for tablets and smartphone or the configurable AGI web server.

Sturdy, powerful and prepared for the future

Designed for harsh marine environments, the aluminium screen frame offers superior protection of the powerful ARM 9 processor which offers an enlarged memory. The three separate LAN interfaces makes the unit ideal for fully redundant applications. 

Want to upgrade from AGI 300?

Upgrading from AGI 300 to the AGI 400 is a simple procedure. Using the AGI Creator programming software, you can simply convert existing applications to AGI 400 at the touch of a few buttons. 

A range of DEIF-specified standard graphical templates (more than 4,000 elements) come standard with the unit at no extra cost. 


The AGI 400 is DNV GL pending at release. During 2017, we will also certify AGI 400 according ATEX and IECex class 2 explosive areas.