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Cluster of engineers in Silkeborg manages megawatt turbine projects for Europe

New cluster of engineers to manage megawatt turbine projects has come off with a flying start

It has been one month since DEIF Wind Power Technology established a new cluster, in Silkeborg, to focus significantly on megawatt turbine projects for the American and European market. Busy starting-up, the new team of skillful engineers show surplus energy and positive team spirit at the office.

The first month at the office

Claus Poulsen, Daily Manager at the office in Silkeborg is very positive and explains, “it is has been a very good beginning. During the first month, we have been busy setting up the new office and establishing the new team”. Claus explains that the new employees have been selected to constitute the strong team of customer application engineers. With many challenging projects, the engineers are already deeply involved and express great enthusiasm. The new team has the unique advantage, with Headquarters located in Skive, to draw on the technological experience and know-how from competent colleagues in Skive and at the same time function as an agile development team with targeted focus on megawatt turbine projects.

A strong team of engineers

With the last engineer starting in April, the team will finally be fully established. Many years of experience in the wind industry is what the engineers have in common. This is what constitutes the strong team ready to undertake the challenges to develop and implement high-end technology for megawatt turbines. Unique about the position is how the engineers collaborate with customers to secure the best solution from the beginning to the end, installing and commissioning turbine solutions. For this purpose, the engineers both spend days at the office as well as days in the field with the customer. One of the new employed engineers explains that he was drawn by the large involvement with customers all the way through customer projects, which characterises the flexibility working as a customer application engineer. Targeted focus on accomplishing customer projects, is highlighted to be one of the exiting parts of the position. With many years of knowledge and experience, the new team can fully support one another. 

Employees have a short distance to work

A job at DEIF Wind Power Technology’s new office in Silkeborg seems to be what triggered the employees to apply to the position, according to Claus Poulsen who explains the office is located in a charming environment in the nature and at the same time with a short distance to work with all what is needed for employees’ wellbeing at work; restaurants, meeting facilities and rooms for customers to visit. The employees can even ride their bike to work…“it is important to focus on the employees and provide them with good surroundings and a healthy work environment”, says Claus Polusen.