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Retrofit solution for 201 MW wind park, China

DEIF control system solution upgrades 134 MD77 turbines for Xiangshui Wind Park, China

DEIF has recently finalised a significant project to upgrade 134 1.5 MW MD77 turbines for Dongfang at Xiangshui Wind Park, Jiangsu province, China. The site has a total capacity of 201 MW.

The turbines were only at their 5th year as the control systems were warn out and some even defect. Our control system solution together with solid knowledge about turbine technology was what made us partners with Dongfong to retrofit the entire wind park. With the new control solution, the turbines increase AEP up to 4 percent and extend life-time. Now the park owner can produce more green power with an optimized wind park. Read the full case story: Retrofit MD77