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Anticipating user needs and responding to market demands in a changing world, DEIF is developing a ground-breaking range of advanced controller solutions that adapt to your application automatically. Named Multi-line 300, ML 300, the quality controller range equals user-friendly operation and DEIF’s hallmarks of green, safe and reliable performance.

Modular hardware and high-speed communication

Part of the range, DEIF today released the easy-to-use Generator Protection Unit, the GPU 300. Complete with built-in troubleshooting, the unit is based on a versatile and modular base-mounted hardware platform developed for generator protection for PLC-based systems. Using advanced processor technology, the GPU 300 features redundant high speed internal communication lines capable of handling protection functions at record speeds.

Context-sensitive display help and monitoring

The flexible unit can be expanded with input and output modules, and an LED graphical colour display with intuitive one-touch sequences gives you immediate access to easy-read parameters, read-outs, service menus and context-sensitive help. Add to that the user-friendly logic configuration tool, based on ladder logic and function blocks with monitor operation.

For an in-depth description and technical documentation please go to the GPU 300 page.