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Pitch System Design for 2 MW low wind turbines

Pitch system Design for 175 2 MW low wind turbines. The first of 7 wind parks will be deployed in the Shandong province in China with pitch systems designed specifically for managing high power at low wind.

Pitch System Design for 175 low wind turbines

We have received an order for 175 pitch systems for 2 MW low wind turbines with a rotor diameter from 113 up to 126 m. In total, 7 new wind parks will be deployed with DEIF pitch system solution in China. The first wind site to be installed is in the Shandong province with 50 turbines. The project is a collaboration with our partner and turbine manufacturer China Creative (CCWE). For the 175 low wind turbines, DEIF Wind Power Technology has provided a completely new pitch design. The entire solution includes DEIF control system, control strategy and pitch design including pitch drive as part of the complete system securing the benefit of reduced torque load.

We have designed the entire pitch system to manage high power at low wind. This way, the turbines can harvest green wind power in very low wind geographic areas. The art of designing pitch system solutions for low wind turbines is to maintain an adequate speed-level of very big turbines at extremely low wind-sites. For harvesting same energy in low wind - low wind turbine designs cover a bigger rotor area, in this case up to 126 m. Why? A bigger rotor has higher demands for the pitch system design. Even at low wind sites there are very high wind gusts and with a bigger rotor there are risks of very high loads on the turbine. With a state-of-the-art pitch system design including a fast reacting pitch drive and control strategy, it is possible to avoid the high loads by controlling the energy harvesting in an optimum way. 

Complete design package for 2 MW turbine

  • System Design (pitch system design)
  • 3 x Pitch Drive - IMD 100
  • Pitch Motion Controller - PMC
  • Controller – AWC 500
  • Control Strategy
  • Training and Support