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Park control for Europe's largest wind park

In the Swedish Lapland, which is one of the biggest areas in Northern Sweden, 99 new MW wind turbines are installed at Blaiken Wind Park. DEIF Wind Power Technology released the first story back in October 2015 emphasizing the collaboration between the Chinese turbine manufacturer Dongfang, the owner Skelleftåe Kraft and DEIF Wind Power Technology to commission the new wind park. Our role was to deliver the system design, commission and support certification of the wind turbines to be installed. Today, another batch of turbines are being installed with DEIF’s complete system technology soon accomplishing the biggest wind park to supply green energy for Northern Sweden. With 99 turbines running, imagine how the park owner controls the behavior and energy supply of the entire wind park? Demands for how much power the owner must supply depend on various factors as for instance grid code requirements. Despite the fact that wind is controlled by nature, a wind turbine or entire park will produce energy in accordance to weather conditions. However, we cannot let the nature control hundreds of MW. It has to be a part of a bigger plan to optimise the energy. For this purpose, a fast and precise control and regulation has to be made.  

Blaiken Wind Park is simply one of the examples where we help owners supply optimal amount of energy to the grid. With advanced park control technology, the owner can take full control of his wind park. DEIF Wind Power Technology has delivered the entire park control solution and technology for the wind park.

Optimal energy supply with DEIF park control technology

A production of too much power can cost turbine owners money and can give penalties if a wind park doesn’t comply with the stated grid demands. Producing more than the required amount of energy supply will in many cases create a deduction in the profit of produced kW per hour. For Skelleftåe Kraft, it is crucial to control and regulate the performance of Blaiken Wind Park. Optimal power supply is delivered to the grid by making weather predictions and controlling the park by giving the controller inputs for accurate speed regulation. An important part of the integrated technology is DEIF’s Wind Park Control System, which has the task to secure a stable and reliable power production to the grid and at the same time protect and run the wind farm in an optimal way. In order to secure this, the wind park control system has been built to comply with the Swedish criteria and local grid code demands for energy production and integration to the electrical grid.