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Got complex applications that require more inputs or outputs than your controller offers?

Currently compatible with DEIF’s AGC-4 and AGC 200 genset controllers, DEIF recently launched a complete series of CANbus-based I/O modules countering just that issue. 
We simply call them CIO and they allow you to add I/Os to your AGC 200 or AGC-4 controller, adding just the flexibility you’re looking for.

We have three CIO variants in stock:

  • CIO 116 – offers 16 additional digital inputs
  • CIO 208 – offers 8 additional relay outputs
  • CIO 308 – offers 8 additional multi-functional inputs

Both the AGC-4 and AGC 200 controllers can be expanded with up to three of each CIO module (ie. up to 9 CIO modules for each controller).

Feel free to contact product manager René Poulsen on or your local DEIF office for further information or to order units.