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Secure the investment of your Endurance turbine

Upgrade your Endurance turbine

Endurance is no longer supplier of the widely sold E3120 turbine. Despite this, turbine owners are secured a solution to secure the turbine operation, prolonged lifetime and performance.  DEIF Wind Power Technology offers a retrofit control solution to secure their turbine energy supply and turbine owners their earnings. Spectrum Energy will act as installation partner for UK and provide training for turbines owners to take control of their own turbine performance independent of ERIC™. This solution benefits turbine owners with a long term warranty as well as their investment is secured.

The E3120 50kW turbine was until November 2016 developed and supported by the Canadian manufacturer Endurance Wind Power. Since 2010, DEIF Wind Power Technology has been supplier of the Thyristor Control Module (TCM-2) for soft grid connection of E3120 50 kW turbines and was awarded as best quality single component supplier by Endurance.

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