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DEIF Wind Power Technology moves to bigger office near headquarters

After a period of growth, DEIF Wind Power Technology expands to new office location

It is the beginning of a new chapter for DEIF Wind Power Technology. The last few years have been a period of growth for DEIF Wind Power Technology with many new hirings as well as for business expansion in Europe. With bigger plans for future expansion, especially looking at the possibilities in the European market, e.g. looking at retrofit, DEIF is dedicated and has positive expectations. 

DEIF's Green profile

Sustainability has been a key element in the building project, all stakeholders have put a great deal of focus a on making sure the new office reflects the green building in support of DEIF’s entire focus on creating a green building and workplace. This is expressed in the predominant use of eco-friendly ventilation, construction materials and inventory used as well as the energy-efficient lighting solutions. With big comfortable office space and high ceilings, DEIF creates a positive work environment for employees. '

It was a big day for all of our employees when we finally moved to our new location. We look forward to our new ëveryday with colleagues at our new office. With our new location and office, DEIF Wind Power Technology  now much closer to DEIF's head quarters.