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Collaboration project with Skive Technical College

On the first year of their main programme eight talented students from Skive Technical College Upholstery Education have finalised their branch of study, Industrial Design, by creating and designing eight different couch chairs. The project was carried out in close collaboration with DEIF Wind Power Technology and the Upholstery education at Skive Technical College. Being the only one of its kind in the Nordic countries, the education attracts many international students from Europe.

The collaboration

The purpose of the project was to provide the students an opportunity to unfold their competences within industrial design and create a collection of eight different chairs. An entire show room at DEIF Wind Power’s brand new office on Gemsevej was a big support for the project giving students a setting to unfold their competences and apply their knowledge within their branch of study, Industrial Design.

The coordinator expresses that, ”showing surplus of time put in the construction of the products is a new trend today. It should be visible to anyone that the designer has applied many hours for the handcraft and aesthetic of the products so that the end product, in this case the chairs, tell a story. In this context, the story of DEIF’s values”.

Students construct and design eight different chairs

Within a time frame of five weeks, the students have been drawing, producing, constructing and designing the chairs with close support from their teacher. The project started up with an introduction about DEIF and the business unit Wind Power Technology showing the students the building and materials for inspiration. For the purpose of design, it is vital for each student to see and feel the atmosphere in order to adapt innovative design to the space. A representative from DEIF Wind Power has been following the students throughout the entire project and also participated in group presentations performed by the students at the college. Students as well as the teachers all showed great dedication to the design project embracing the opportunity and new collaboration.

One of the students explains, ”working together with a company has given us the opportunity to have direct customer contact as well as building an understanding and experience within Industrial Design in Upholstery. With this project, the study became even more interesting and more important with a deadline giving us a common goal and responsibility to deliver on time”.

It has been a pleasure to follow the design and construction process so closely as well as following the students throughout the project. The students have shown great skills in aesthetic design for the specific setting. At DEIF Wind Power we are very impressed.