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Celebrating 10 Years with DEIF PLC LINK for Turbine Control Strategy

DEIF is pioneer in providing PLC LINK as the first automatic PLC code generation tool for wind turbine control

This month, it is 10 years ago, DEIF started up the development and released the wind-turbine industry’s first automatic code generation tool targeting Industrial PLCs to support model-based design with Mathworks’ MATLAB/Simulink. With DEIF PLC LINK, turbine control strategies can be translated in just a few seconds and at the same time eliminate errors.

Today, our tool PLC Link is being applied by wind turbine control engineers world-wide making it easier and faster for them, to transfer new wind turbine control algorithm ideas and designs in-to operation on-site.

In this occasion, we want to send our biggest thanks to the control- and software engineers at Gamesa and Senvion for a long-term, mutually respectful and committed collaboration in making DEIF PLC LINK an exceptionally good software product.