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DEIF has launched a case story video of a successful critical power project on YouTube.

Created for Denmark’s leading alternative provider of fibre network, data centres and cloud solutions, GlobalConnect, the solution is central to the company’s business case.

Because GlobalConnect’s customer portfolio includes server hosting for critical business institutions like banks and media organisations, the company guarantees its customers comprehensive redundancy and Tier classifications: “Security with extra security. And then an extra layer of security – just to be safe,” according to Senior Group Manager Tore Heide Villund.

When customers ask, if they can be sure GlobalConnect’s back-up power systems work, Tore Heide Villund’s confident reply owes a great deal to his faith in DEIF’s power management system: “We know it works, because we test it the hard way.” 

“As well as monitoring operation rigorously and performing and documenting simulation tests, we put the entire system to the ultimate test twice a month by cutting our connection to the grid. As the UPSs kick in and the gensets start up, synchronising and identifying a reliable, quality power production level for our premises, you can’t get greater certainty, and that is the level we maintain.”

GlobalConnect covers Denmark, Northern Germany and parts of Sweden with a 13,000 km network of optical fibres and 13,000 m2 data centres.

DEIF Critical Power

Resilient turnkey packages, DEIF’s solutions incorporate intelligent power distribution and controls; switchgear; and generator and grid protection to guarantee uninterrupted power supplies in cases of mains failures.

DEIF designs and integrates system architecture with unique standby capacities and can deliver record start-up from an impressive six seconds for multiple gensets in parallel; redundant control systems; or even an entire redundant power plant.

Watch the video or download the case story.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact Sales Manager Henrik Rødtnes at