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  • Biggest investment & R&D project to date
  • Modular quality hardware with adaptive set-up
  • Intuitive icon-based user interfaces

DEIF’s new PPM 300 controller solution enables crews to optimise operation, maximise uptime, and perform cost-saving repairs on-board while retaining warranties and class approvals. No need to dock or fly in specialists.

Launched to markets at Nor-Shipping in Oslo, 2-4 June, this is DEIF’s biggest innovation project and development investment to date. According to DEIF Vice President Finn Nielsen, “This technological advance captures DEIF’s hallmarks of green, safe and reliable performance, featuring super-fast performance and user-friendly operation.

First off the assembly line, Protection & Power Management 300, PPM 300, is about giving investors and asset owners further market advantages and cutting-edge, top-performing results with built-in troubleshooting, fuel-efficient technology and other features to optimise your system.

Built from an intuitive can-do philosophy, the PPM 300 takes a new approach, setting a new standard in marine power management technology today, introducing modular quality hardware with adaptive set-up, intuitive icon-based user interfaces, context-sensitive display help, and comprehensive diagnostics tool.

Using PPM 300, shipowners will discover that switchboard builders, integrators and service engineers will know how to use this unit on sight: DEIF’s new user-friendly PC tool PICUS gives a fast learning curve for product configuration, set-up and handling. The cost savings in terms of training and testing are self-evident.

Introducing on-the-spot training & verification, the PPM 300’s context-sensitive display help is a unique feature that gives integrators access to instant, on-site information in their own language about features and functionality; an outside-in approach with display help and hardware modules that will speed up the commissioning, understanding & verification of design features.

The PPM 300’s modular build cuts downtime and service costs by enabling operators to execute repairs and upgrades on-site. In most cases, you can replace or add extra functionality yourself by simply inserting new hardware modules in the unit’s sturdy aluminium housing, retaining your warranty and class approvals.

 For further information, please contact Product Manager Henrik Vester at or +45 96149614.