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A New Classic: Wind Sensors, WSS 700 & WSS 750

Following two years of final field testing in the North Sea and Norway’s polar region, DEIF is pleased to launch two new ruggedised, superior performance wind sensors.

Reliable in providing superior wind measuring performance in all weather conditions, the WSS 700 and WSS 750’s robust construction and high measuring accuracy make these sensors the right choice for applications where precise and reliable wind data is essential for safe operation.

The WSS 700 series is also highly recommended for use in dynamic positioning systems and other critical applications.

  • WSS 750 features automatically regulated heating of the sensor heads for optimal operation in very cold weather conditions
  • WSS 700 is unheated and recommended for use in areas where the temperature is mostly above freezin

The WSS 700 series is compatible with the WSS for easy upgrade of existing systems to the new high performance sensor type. It is also possible to upgrade older DEIF wind systems using 879.3C dynamic wind sensor to the WSS or WSS 700 series.

WSS 700 & 750 Features

  • All stainless steel construction
  • High power ultrasonic transducers in an equal-sided triangle constellation
  • No moving parts; no wear
  • Wind speed up to 65 m/s (120 Knot)
  • Speed accuracy better than 3 % (min. +/-0.2 m/s)

Please contact Product Manager John Larsen at for further information.