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The Danish Prime Minister Visits DEIF

The ministerial delegation included the chairman of the Metal Midt union, Klaus Dahl, and European Parliament candidates for the Danish Social Democrats, Jeppe Kofod and Lasse Quvang.

President and CEO, Owner, Toke Foss, DEIF’s executive management team and employee representative Tonja Rasmussen welcomed the delegation, which was keen to hear more about DEIF’s initiatives in creating green jobs for the energy sector, and how EU can help put a greater global focus on environmental policy.

Toke Foss offered the Prime Minister coffee and took her on a guided tour of the DEIF site. DEIF’s headquarters use a number of DEIF solutions, including for controlling a decentralised combined heat and power plant. Toke Foss underlined to the Prime Minister how important it is for DEIF that Denmark continues to be a leader in energy and climate initiatives: “By being a role model, we attract interest from countries like China and India, countries DEIF supplies green energy solutions for.”

95% of DEIF’s turnover comes from international trade. China is DEIF’s biggest single market for products and solutions that are developed and manufactured in Skive. “We believe in keeping manufacturing in Denmark,” says Toke Foss. “Integrating sales and R&D closely with automated output control gives us an extremely flexible production line and very high product quality, not least thanks to a skilled and very experienced workforce.”

Toke Foss and the Prime Minister agreed on the importance for a company like DEIF, that Denmark continues to further education of top qualified engineers and technology management technicians.

In connection with the upcoming referendum on patent reform and a Unified Patent Court, Toke Foss highlights how patents are increasingly important for DEIF: “We fully support the initiative for a Unified Patent Court, which will make it easier for companies like DEIF to safeguard its innovations and save considerable resources.”

DEIF currently has eight pending patent applications in new technology.

The Prime Minister ended the visit by expressing how impressed she is with DEIF's international success, underlining how this is the type of enterprise she and the government wishes to continue to support through the European Union community.