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Release of the DVC 310 DEIF expands its scope of supply

Launching its new digital AVR, the DVC 310, extends DEIF’s scope of supply as a first mover and innovative solutions provider in the power generation industry.

Providing high-value control and regulation system for any brand of alternator, combining the DVC 310, with DEIF’s advanced controllers brings new standards and new functionality to the market. 

Designed for alternators with SHUNT, AREP or PMG excitation, DEIF’s Digital Voltage Controller, DVC 310, is a digital automatic voltage regulator, which monitors and regulates the alternator output voltage.

Essential to the quality of the voltage regulation, AVR ensures voltage stability for the alternator with an individually adapted algorithm for each alternator. Setting a new standard for the industry, the DVC 310 boasts 0.25% regulation accuracy. Up-to-date on-board technology guarantees fast responses in case of disturbance during transient periods.

Other exclusive features include improved start management capabilities, engine assistance and unique CANBus-based communication to DEIF controllers.

  • Improved genset performance & sizing by up to 10%
  • Voltage regulation accuracy +/-0.25%
  • Exclusive drying and ventilation mode 
  • Voltage regulation via CANBus
  • Marine approved