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Product & Application Guide Available Now

DEIF Marine & Offshore Technology has released the second edition of its Product & Application Guide to coincide with the group’s promotions at this year’s SMM in Hamburg, Germany.

The guide gives customers a complete overview of the products and services that form the backbone of DEIF products and our award-winning solutions for marine & offshore applications.

Choose DEIF to Increase Your Performance & Efficiency

Outlining how we provide market-leading support, service and training and introducing replacement guides to help you make the best, most informed choices for your applications, the catalogue also highlights the advantages of using DEIF products across the board. Saving fuel and lowering emission rates are paramount concerns for all businesses in the marine & offshore industry today.

No one is more aware of these challenges or has greater experience than DEIF Marine & Offshore Technology in identifying new ways to increase performance and efficiency: in retrofitting older installations or designing projected setups, DEIF’s innovative solutions can cut fuel costs compared to competitive products.

The Product & Application Guide features case studies documenting these benefits as well as detailed contacts for DEIF offices in 16 key markets and our global distributor network.

Read more and download the PDF version of the guide or request a print copy of the guide.