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New HMI for Marine & Offshore

DEIF’s latest release, the Advanced Graphical Interface, AGI 300, has been designed as an intuitive and user-friendly HMI for visualisation and active control for multiple applications and is available in 4.3”, 7” and 15” sizes with a quality screen readable even in direct sunlight and at sharp angles, making it a safe and ideal choice for bridge installations.

Featuring touch screen system control and monitoring functionalities which eliminate the need for other instruments and save you both space and wiring, the AGI 300 connects both to all DEIF multi-line controllers and other brand controllers via standard communication protocols.

Data-sharing ability via Ethernet connections effectively enable the DEIF HMI to be used as a small SCADA system. Built-in Ethernet port switch functionality lets you connect the panels to small control systems without incurring extra costs for external switches. Connect to multiple serial devices with the multi-standard serial port or use the USB host to provide access for external storage devices.

Application Examples

Power Management Systems – Control & Supervision

One point management, control and supervision of multiple gensets and bus-tie breakers.

Alarm – Handling & Monitoring

View historical alarm data and accept active alarms.

Energy Monitoring System (EMS)

Track your energy consumption to optimise and implement the energy awareness on board your vessel.

Graphical Interface – Mechanical & Electrical Systems

System overviews for mechanical and electrical equipment. Trend measured values to monitor operation performance or when carrying out fault finding procedures.

Contact Product Manager Kristian Thing Vangsgaard at for further information.