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Muscled & Agile: DEIF’s New Delomatic 400 Gas/Hydro

  • Increased processor power
  • Increased memory
  • Super-fast Modbus and HMI interface (TCP/IP)
  • High-speed ARCnet communication for expansion modules

DEIF has launched a new, upgraded version of its proven advanced controller solution for Gas & Hydro applications.

Housed in an identical case, at first sight the new Delomatic 400 Gas/Delomatic 400 Hydro is similar to its seasoned and proven predecessor, Delomatic 4 Gas/Delomatic 4 Hydro: layout and functionalities remain the same, offering gas quality-optimisation, automated operation with man power savings, power management and DEIF’s Free of charge PC configuration/monitoring tool.

What you can’t see is the muscle power and agility hidden inside the box in the form of greater processor strength and memory capacity and the newly introduced high-speed ARCnet communication for expansion modules.

Delomatic 400 Gas/Hydro features:

  • Hydro plant auxiliary device control
  • Hydro governor control for Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines
  • Gas engine and generator control, protection, synchronising and load sharing for both active and reactive power
  • Mains protection including loss of mains detection
  • Control of aux systems: gas mixture and gas circuit, air circuits/exhaust gas, cooling circuits/emergency coolers, heating circuits etc.
  • Emission control and communication to ignition system (Altronic CD200, Heinzmann Phlox 2 and others)
  • PC touch interface including animated flow diagrams, log books and so on for easy supervision of the entire CHP (locally and remotely)

Retrofits are one of our core competencies. Replacing existing OEM genset controllers with 1:1 conversions or according to customer specifications, we can have an entire system up and running in just a few days.

Ideal for retrofits, DEIF Gas Control Technology’s control concept is cost-efficient and easy-to-implement all-in-one solution. The concept integrates functionalities such as synchronisation, controls (primary and secondary), protections, power management, auxiliary management and circuit management (water, gas, exhaust).

We also offer outstanding product quality, expert support engineers for standard support, consultant application engineers to check specifications, and project managers ready to assume responsibility for turnkey power management solutions.

Please contact Jan M. Jacobsen at for further information.