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Altaaqa Global wins Power Project of the Year at the MEE Awards

Altaaqa Global wins Power Project of the Year at the MEE Awards 2014 with 54 MW temporary power plant in Yemen, which can provide electricity to 150,000 customers in the country.

Referring to the DEIF Plant Management solution implemented at the site by DEIF Engineers Allan Schmidt and Søren D. Christensen, Billy Wharton, Director of Operations of Altaaqa Global said the project was the most advanced in the power industry, adding that Altaaqa, “is the only company in the Middle East who utilized an integrated control protection system that can switch from grid to island to grid in just minutes. This is also the most advanced Caterpillar electric power protection system in the world. Our control system provided the most flexible power solution to support base load, intermediate, peaking or standby power generation. Whether it’s an island mode/stand alone or grid, or a combination of all operational modes, we can exactly meet the mode requirements at a push of a button.”

Record Installation Time

Altaaqa Global’s full turnkey solution was a complete package of power generators, transformers, fuel tanks, distribution panels, electrical accessories, and 24/7 CAT certified power engineers who will manage the temporary power plant.

Thanks in part to DEIF Plant Management’s Emulation Solution, which uses and verifies the functions of the real system for planning and commissioning projects, the project was commissioned in record time.

Designed for safe testing of the entire application prior to switchboard installation, when applied with DEIF Utility Software (USW), even complex software functions can be programmed and tested and visualised on your PC or HMI in minutes: studies of the dynamics of the power management system can be performed without connecting to real gensets, improving planning, approvals and training.

The innovative solution saves time and guarantees ready-to-go results, giving customers a critical market advantage.

About Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global, a subsidiary of Zahid Group, collaborates with Caterpillar Inc. to deliver multi-megawatt turnkey temporary power solutions worldwide. The company owns, mobilizes, installs, and operates efficient temporary independent power plants (IPPs) at customer sites in the emerging markets of Sub-Sahara Africa, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Offering power rental equipment that will operate with different types of fuel such as diesel, HFO, natural gas, or dual-fuel, Altaaqa Global is positioned to rapidly deploy and provide temporary power plant solutions, delivering electricity whenever and wherever it may be needed.

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