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Product release: Automatic Genset Controller – AGC 100

Developed for applications where safe and reliable power supplies are critical, including for instance back-up or emergency power for hospitals, airports, and data centres, DEIF has released a series of non-sync controllers with a powerful processor and significant memory capacity.

Cost-efficient and intelligent, the versatile AGC 100 series features CANbus power management for handling the mains and Power Management System applications where multiple gensets supply load.

Vibration tested and evaluated with HALT test, the sturdy controller unit offers reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

Units are available in variants for engine control, island, AMF and power management.

  • AGC 110 for engine control
  • AGC 111 for island control without generator breaker
  • AGC 112 for island control with generator breaker
  • AGC 113 for automatic mains failure (AMF)
  • AGC 145 for non-sync power management without tie breaker
  • AGC 146 for non-sync power management with tie breaker

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