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New current transformer releases

DEIF has released two new cost-saving and easy-to-install current transformer products for responsible and efficient energy management solutions.

Use the Split Core Current Transformer, SCT, and the Power Current Transformer, PCT, for accurate current measurements with DEIF’s Energy Metering Package and Multi-instrument, MIC-2, for instance: collect the data you need, break it down into the categories you want and make informed, instant decisions about how you manage your energy.

Mount with a Click

Designed for retrofitting existing installations, the compact SCT can be mounted safely and without disrupting running operations for smooth and cost-effective installation at minimal man hours.

A distinct ’click’ tells you the current sensor has been correctly closed. Fix the sensor around the primary conductor with two UV-resistant tie wraps.

SCTs are supplied with colour coded leads and comes in different sizes and variants from 60 A to 500 A, with cable diameters of 18 mm or 28 mm and with 2 m or 3 m cables.

With an accuracy class 3 or 1, the Split Core Current Transformers are suited for highly accurate current measurements and a perfect match for DEIF’s energy management and multi-instrument series.

Less Space, More Security

DEIF’s Power Current Transformer, PCT, is a combined transformer for easy DIN rail mounting with both a voltage and a current output.

Designed to minimise space requirements, the PCT means fewer connections on the terminals, fewer groups of fuses and reduced installation costs.

With a fuse mounted directly on the primary conductor, the PCT also increases protection on the terminal, giving higher reliability.

Split CT – Split Core Current Transformer

  • Perfect for Retrofit & Existing Installations
  • Mount with a Click
  • From 60 A to 500 A
  • Cable Diameters of 18 mm or 28 mm

Power Current Transformer, PCT

  • Current Transformer With Voltage Tab
  • Voltage Output, With Fuse
  • Space-saving Installation
  • Easy DIN Rail Mounting
  • Primary Current 32 A or 64 A