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DEIF marks 80 years of achievement and progress

In June 2013, DEIF marks 80 years of achievement and progress since the family-owned company was first founded in a backyard workshop in the Danish capital Copenhagen in 1933.

Since its early beginnings eight decades ago, DEIF has broadened its scope from manufacturing basic electromagnetic measuring instruments to developing green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralised power production, marine/offshore and wind turbines.

Today, DEIF is a global group with 500+ employees and sales offices, competence centres and training facilities in 12 key markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Staying close to our global customers and local markets has been a central part of DEIF’s growth strategy since the year 2000. This year we’re excited to have opened a new Sales, Service and Support Centre in Singapore, a Liaison Office in Istanbul, Turkey, and a Sales and Support Office in Naucalpan outside Mexico City.

DEIF Asia Pacific

With branch offices in Indonesia and Vietnam and servicing 12 countries, DEIF Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.’s new main office is manned with more than 20 expert engineers, ready to assist with training and product demonstrations at our dedicated training facilities in Singapore. General Manager Mr Choon Ming Lee is in charge of operations in the region.

DEIF Turkey

A booming construction sector and continued industrial growth are just part of the reason DEIF has opened a new Liaison Office in Istanbul, Turkey. Headed by Mr Cenk Eryiğit, DEIF Turkey is targeting generator manufacturers. Forecasts indicate an annual genset production of 15,000 units within the range/size compatible with DEIF’s control solutions. Turkey is also a key distribution hub for the entire Middle East and parts of Asia.

DEIF Mexico

The Mexican economy is expected to grow and become one of the 10 biggest markets in the world by 2023, serving as a crucial engine for the entire region.
To tap into these new business opportunities, Mr Juan F. Illades, who has served Mexico as Sales Manager for DEIF Inc., will head DEIF’s new Sales Office in Naucalpan, northwest of Mexico City, and bring his technological expertise and knowledge to DEIF’s efforts on the Mexican, Central American and Caribbean markets.

Still going stronger

Owner and Managing Director Toke Foss sees no limits to the company’s global growth potential.
“DEIF’s products and know-how are winning market shares and recognition, not least thanks to our long-term dedication to providing our customers with the right solutions, ensuring they stand the test of time.”

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