»Reliable backup power is vital on-board platforms: restarting main power plant turbines after total blackout isn’t possible without power from emergency generators.«

Esper Flodgaard, Senior Specialist, DEIF A/S

Power to restart main power plant turbines after blackouts

Out there – in control

Gyda’s emergency power plant consists of two 1200 kW MTU gensets. The gensets are required to load-share when running in island operation, and to run in a fixed power configuration when paralleling with the four main turbine generators.

Requiring a fully redundant power management solution to replace the existing relay logic control system, the genset and control cabinets have been placed in two separate compartments and are capable of both as a single system and as two independent systems.

Minimising work on connected systems, DEIF reused all existing I/Os and delivered a tailored Delomatic 4 Marine solution featuring generator control, extensive engine and generator alarm and supervision, interface to SCADA, while controlling auxiliary equipment including HPU, firedamper and ventilation.

Talisman Energy Norge

Operated by Talisman Energy Norge AS, Gyda was discovered in 1980 and began production in 1990. The oil field has one conventional steel facility with production, drilling and living quarters.

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