PV & battery controller

Reap the benefits of hybrid power in any power plant and any application

We offer a complete range of controllers that enable you to quickly design, implement, and run hybrid power plants that combine several power sources such as PV panels, wind turbines, and gensets with energy storage solutions (ESS).

Hybrid power plants allow you to reduce emissions by maximising sustainable power penetration in your energy mix. At the same time, they ensure resilience and reliability by intelligently controlling and coordinating the connected power sources to cover the current load demand. In addition, hybrid power plants enable optimal operation of fossil power sources such as gensets, minimising emissions and OPEX and maximising service life and efficiency.

DEIF hybrid controllers are designed for compatibility and can be configured to form complete PMS/EMS solutions. They can also be integrated in third-party PMS/EMS solutions or deployed on their own, for example in standalone off-grid applications or rental scenarios.