»Hiddenfjord is located on the island of Fútaklettur, one of the remote Atlantic Faroe Islands that provides ideal natural conditions for salmon farming.«

A green, safe & reliable critical power solution

Protection against power outages saves equipment and produce

A steady power supply can make or break a business like acclaimed salmon producer, Luna.

Raising and nurturing smolt is an extremely delicate process dictated by precise water temperatures and salt levels: a loss of power and a fall in water temperature would be catastrophic.

In cases of total blackout, DEIF’s AGCs automatically continue to run in Automatic Mains Failure mode, saving Hiddenfjord’s fragile smolt and its valuable equipment.

Hiddenfjord’s plant would also help stabilise the grid and because SEV is responsible for the grid on the Faroe Islands, the company is very keen to establish additional model Power Hubs like Hiddenfjord’s to guard the grid against total blackouts.

SEV is particularly interested in establishing more Hubs with critical power applications with plants in standby.


In 2011, Luna created the HiddenFjord brand of premium salmon. The flagship brand reflects the most important characteristics of the company – integrity, excellence, purity, and innovation.

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